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We print on plates....(tables too apparently ) !

Here at the Saucy Printing Co we are passionate about printing sauce onto plates.

I'm often asked how I got the idea and what inspired me ?

There are many reasons that led to the birth of The Saucy Printing co. I'll do a blog post one day soon with all the evnts that led to its creation. 1 tiny reason is that in my 20+ years of printing experience, I have printed on almost every surface you could imagine. But I hadn't printed on plates in sauce ,so I had to do it.

Now that its been done I thought, what the hell, let me print on the table too. And so I did.

How cool is my boardroom table that I custom printed onto ? If this doesn't confirm my passion for print, nothing will. Now what else havent I printed onto yet ?? hmmmm

#print #tableprint

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