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Saucy Showroom

The Saucy Printing Co. has opened a much needed showroom in Edenvale to display samples and ideas for potential clients. We have a board room, displays and of course....Coffee :)

We invite you to come and see us, by appointment only, at our very easy to find showroom in Helvetia House . it is located right next to the Edenvale Rd Off ramp with plenty of secure parking.

We are able to do live deomstations and assist with designs on various plate samples for you.

We felt that we needed a creative space to showcase our concept and allow clients to come and see exactly how in depth we can go with regards to printing styles, colours and presentation.

Our clients are thrilled with the opportunities it presents them to be able to do something different at their functions / weddings. Being able to sit down and discuss plate sizes and design concepts with samples in front of you helps to bring out creativity and ideas.

We look forward to meeting you at our new showroom.

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