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Branding like no other !

The Saucy Printing Co. launched it's service to address an area that we felt needed a shake-up.

Corporate events and conferences almost always giveaway corporate gifts to attendeess / guests.

These gifts have been the same old items for the last decade. I mean, how many more branded pen & pencil sets do you need ? Or how many more coffee mugs do you want with a logo on ? Yet, it would seem disrespectful if a conference didn't give out any form of freebie wouldn't it ?

Lets go back to WHY these were handed out in the first place.

A sponsor / corporate hosting a function ideally wants to get its branding noticed which instills brand loyalty and in the long run leads to sales & revenue .......hopefully.

This could be in the form of flags or banners at the entrance, branding in and around the function area, custom printed menu's, corporate giveaways and the table, a printed goodie bag etc etc..

So if the idea is to put a logo in someones face as many times possible and for as long as possible , these items would need to be something that the guest would want to use....frequently.

But the stale items been handed out nowadays rarely make it to the work desk to be put on show.

We felt that if this was the criteria, We could come up with a way to put a logo so stratecially placed that a guest couldn't miss it, unlike the R1000 pull up banners that lined the corridor that everyone just walked past without taking notice.

If we could also create a talking point around the placement of the branding and create a buzz about how it got there, this would give the brand a little more run for its money compared with the non existant conversation about the freebie screen cleaning cloth in the cheap goodie bag.

To take matters further, if we could do it so well that guests wanted to take a picture and post in onto their various social media feeds to show off its innovation and coolness, that would catapault the run for the money by multiplying the exposure to unlimited numbers.

All that being said, we developed a completely new branding opportunity for functions that would address all the needs that the branding company needs as well as put a smile on the face of guests with a conversation to match.

Enter the Saucy Printing Co.

We are able to print a corporate logo, text, slogan, pay off line etc onto a guests plate in sauce.

Thats right, in sauce next to their meal......cant miss that unless you are planning to go hungry and not look at anyone else's plates throughout the evening.

We have developed a 100% food safe method to achieve this and systems to be able to fit into the food preparation and plating procedure at any venue from the tiny coffee shop to a 5 star hotel, casino or conference centre. We go out to the venue with our custom built equipment and our special plates and work hand in hand with the venue chef or outside catering co to achieve the best looking plate possible. We have undergone food safety handling training and minimise our impact on the kitchen by following a "pitch up, print and leave " procedure. We even take the plates back to be washed at our own facility to minimise the impact on the kitchen.

In the case of a buffet, we are able to print onto the plates in real time in front of the guests as they walk by to collect a plate and move onto the buffet area. This creates a great buzz and interest in our concept and further drawing attention to the brand / logo being printed.

" If you want a special and different need to do something special and different "

Michael Fletcher ( innovator of the concept )

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