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Did you know ?

We can set up our custom built printing trolley at your dessert buffet and print onto the plates in front of your guests to add an interactive “WOW” factor to your function ! 

printed sauce
Printed in a
     savoury sauce

How do I reserve my date?

Due to the uniqueness of this service, we are booked up fairly quickly and well in advance. In order to secure your function date, we require a reservation deposit upon confirmation that your date is available. This amount is deductible from your total invoice.  Once your date is secured, we will liaise with you regarding the steps that follow to get the ball rolling. We advise that you confirm and book early to avoid disappointment.  We would love to be of service to you & hope to hear from you soon:)

How it works

We’d like to have an initial consultation with you to establish what would suit your needs based on your decor, theme, size of function etc. We will assist with all the artwork design and proofing. Our team will communicate with you throughout the entire process to ensure that the planning & execution is completed smoothly and in good time before your event. Your caterer / venue will receive an info pack from us prior to the event informing them of your desire to use this service and how it affects them. We work hand-in-hand with chefs, caterers and venues to pull off a spectacular surprise for your guests. Please note that we only rent out the special plates to you, supply & print the sauce , remove the plates and clean them. We do not supply food or cook meals at all.

How much does it cost ?

Each function is quoted individually based on the following information:


  • Total number of guests / seats

  • Return travel distance from our Head Office to your venue

  • Duration of function

  • Size of plate for rental


Contact us for a no-obligation quote for your function / wedding.

You'll be surprised at how affordable it is for it's awesomeness !!

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