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sauce printing
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The Saucy Printing Co. is an amazing patented concept developed by Michael Fletcher. 


Michael is a stalwart of the commercial printing industry with 25 years hands-on experience and he is also a very successful innovator / inventor.


He was looking for alternative methods to display branding at

corporate events and after many months of testing, research & development and studying food safety handling, the Saucy Print concept was born. 


"I feel that we will be able to change the face of any function meal by adding a personal touch from a Bride / Groom or a sponsors logo for example. We can now put branding where

branding has never been put before !" 

When was the last time you were in awe and smiling when a plate was put in front of you ?



We will work with you 

in good time prior to your

function and design the 

perfect plate print to match your function style.

We have unlimited ideas and we welcome yours too !

We will print at your venue on our special plates
working hand-in-hand with your caterer / venue.


Putting a message or

text on your guest's 

plate will add a new level of surprise

to your function !

We have custom built

equipment to offer this

service exclusively.

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